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    Commercial video — is a video the main task of which is to advertise a product, brand and increase sales or brand awareness. It can take form of feature video or animation video.

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      A commercial video clip from Dme.Production
      commercial, Creating a commercial from Dme.Production

      A commercial is a video created for distribution on media resources and showing the audience in order to increase the popularity of the product and sales – goods, services, brand, company or any other product.

      The main media resources for distributing commercials are TV channels, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and movie or video content sites.

      Production of promotional video clips is carried out by a team of creative specialists. Dme.production is a young team that has put the production of promotional videos to a new level in terms of price and quality. Now, a good and cool video series does not need ten thousand dollars, and sometimes a few hundred are enough.

      Video advertising production consists of such decisions and actions:

      1. Identification of one specific purpose of the promotional video;
      2. Defining the target audience of potential consumers;
      3. Definition of video distribution resources;
      4. Budget planning for advertising production;
      5. Determination of the dates and dates of filming an advertising video;
      6. Creating a video clip script;
      7. Selection of locations, extras, actors.

      This is only a small part of the tasks that need to be solved, so the shooting of commercials can be a very budget solution, but there are plenty of options for reducing the budget for the production of advertising videos.

      How much does it cost to make a commercial? The price of video produced by advertising video depends on hundreds of factors, but several basic ones can be distinguished.

      Usually, companies shooting commercials, do not take in the production and production of advertising video with a budget of less than $ 10,000. Studio Dme.Production works with production budgets from $ 350.

      What determines the price of advertising video:

      1. From the location of the location of the shooting – a pavilion, another city or country, and can shoot in the air;
      2. Cost of services of actors, extras and interest production studio;
      3. From the number of days of video production and the number of locations filmed;
      4. From the cost of rent – props, equipment, locations, etc.

      Most of the promotional videos can be shot in one in 2-3 locations. Shooting on the street is the cheapest – a park, a lake, a busy street, and so on. Taking pictures in a pavilion with decorations is sometimes cheaper than renting the necessary space for shooting.

      A specific estimate for the shooting is formed after the stage of writing the script, and to write the script for the commercial you need to know the following:

      1. A portrait of the target audience of the product;
      2. The purpose of the commercial;
      3. Main media distribution resource;
      4. Timing of the final product and its variants.

      If you do not know what budget to allocate for production, then start with a clear understanding of what you want to get at the output. You need to review a lot of advertising video to understand the direction vector.

      The better you understand how you provide it to yourself, the closer the “expectation” will be to the “reality”.

      Our company, DME Production, consisting of experienced professionals, is the leading company in the domestic market of creating video content. Our company provides services to the residents of Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine and foreign customers (working remotely).

      The creation of promotional videos is carried out using modern filming and DSRL equipment, that allows creating a bright, high-quality picture with a low noise level.

      Due to the excellent soundtrack of the video corresponding to the visuals, it is possible to create a video that bears meaning and complements the plot, satisfying the requirements of the target audience.

      High-quality, effective video helps to increase sales and increase profits, improve the image of the company, attract new customers. You can order the following services:

      1. goods advertising;
      2. presentation films;
      3. exhibition videos;
      4. video presentations;
      5. television advertising;
      6. training videos;
      7. mobile application advertising;
      8. other videos.

      Video shooting that will effectively work on a result-oriented basis is a time-consuming process. Performing of all work efficiently and in time can only be done by professionals working in our company, DME Production.

      Before shooting, our specialists develop a concept, carefully think through each frame, and after shooting they do editing and sounding. We offer the best prices for all our services, quick shooting, an individual approach to each client.

      A commercial from DME Production is a professional material that will definitely sell your product, increase brand awareness. To order the creation of creative video advertising with us is to get the opportunity to collaborate with the leader in the Ukrainian video content market.

      Types of commercials from Dme.Production

      We are ready to shoot videos in different directions, among the very popular:

      1. Product Advertising.
      2. Presentation films.
      3. Exhibition videos.
      4. Training videos.
      5. Video presentations.
      6. TV advertising.
      7. Mobile App Advertising.

      Advertising production is one of our specializations – the result is in person – many well-known clients in Ukraine and abroad.

      Our resources are your ad

      You get from us a high-quality, effective video that helps increase sales and increase profits, affects the image of the company only on the positive side, because new customers come.

      To obtain such a shooting result, we have all the necessary equipment, including film, DSLR equipment, professional skills and experience of the team. You get great sound accompaniment, it complements the plot. Thus, the viewer satisfies his requirements, receives high-quality visual and sound information.

      Steps for creating a commercial
      commercials, Video ad production steps

      Anyone who knows what quality advertising understands is how much preparation is needed. First of all, a concept is developed, then each frame is thought out in detail. On the basis of this, props are prepared, actors are selected, all the necessary scenery is created. Only after this is the shooting, and then editing and voice acting.

      This whole process is complex and requires attention to detail. A team of DME Production professionals will ensure the result. There are all necessary resources for this..

      As a result, you get a commercial that leads new customers, pushes to buy existing products. With our works, we manage to popularize the brand, create its positive image, position our company as an industry leader.

      You can order the creation of video ads in Kiev, other cities of Ukraine and even from other countries.

      Commercial cost
      commercial, How is the cost of the commercial formed

      Of course, the price of creating a commercial is perhaps the first thing that interests customers. Definitely say how much advertising costs is impossible. It depends on the:

      1. Roller Duration.
      2. Scope of preparatory work.
      3. Post Production Scale.
      4. The number of people involved, their fees.

      If the video is needed in English or in another language – this will also affect the price.

      Do you want to get high-quality advertisement video that sells?

      Dme.Production has its own department of marketing and advertising specialists.

      We create advertisement videos for a wide range of purposes:

      Video clips for online advertising: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram;

      Video advertising for displaying on the TV.

      Under any budget we will write scenario, we will record a video and we will edit the video that sells and make it on turnkey basis.

      Do not waste your time, leave an application on the website right now and get a free professional consultation.

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        ⚡ How much does it cost to create a video clip?

        The cost of creating a video depends on a dozen different data - the purpose of creating the video, the cost of man-hours, the timing of the video, the availability of actors or the level of location. We can create a video for both $ 200 and $ 10,000.

        🔑 Can you make turnkey commercial?

        We will make an excellent selling commercial for your task. It can be advertised on the Internet or on TV. The cost of the commercial starts from $ 300 for simple tasks on the Internet, and from $ 3000 for complex tasks on TV.

        🚀 What are your strengths?

        Dme Studio is in the TOP 3 Ukrainian advertising companies on Google, which means that we can make a high-quality advertising company video clip that our studio will develop. With a guaranteed result under the contract.

        📹 What kind of video content can you make?

        Dme.Production Studio produces video content of any level of complexity and for any specific purpose - commercials, video presentations, 2D and 3D video, shooting, editing, dubbing and post production.

        🥇 What is the price of an animated movie?

        The production cost of a 2d animated movie starts at $ 200, the cost of creating a 3d animated movie starts at $ 400. We can make an excellent video for your budget, just leave a request on the site.

        🕜 What is the average video creation time?

        If this is not a complicated minute animation, production can take up to 5 days. And if it is an art commercial, then the total time for production can take several months.

        ✅ What do you need to know the price?

        To receive a free calculation, you must leave a request on the website or contact us by phone or via email. We will offer you several options for implementing your project and fully advise.

        💻 I need a video and its advertising, can you help?

        Dme.Production Studio has its own Internet marketing department, studio is in the TOP 3 of the best Ukrainian advertising companies in Google. Yes, we can qualitatively help with advertising video on the Internet.

        💰 What are options and payment procedure?

        To get started, you need to pay 50% of the payment. The second part is paid upon the availability of video content. You can pay to a bank account, to a Visa / Mastercard, as well as any electronic money.

        📄 Are there the contract and other guarantees?

        Yes, to start work, you must sign an agreement. All obligations of the parties are registered there and penalties for not delivering the project on time are indicated. The contract can be obtained from the manager - just call us.

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