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    Creation of a music video — is the process of developing an idea writing a script and shooting a video for a musical composition. The process of producing a music video is necessary to popularize a media audio composition.

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      Creating a video clip on a turnkey basis from Dme.Production

      To promote your musical product in a fast and effective way, a good music clip is required. DmE.Production company offers offers services for video recording for a band or a musical performer.

      After accepting our job, it can be easily spread not only on Ukrainian or regional TV channels, but also you can use it for sharing it on popular Internet resources such as Vimeo and YouTube.

      Moreover, we can help you with creation of a music clip that will be easily uploaded to social networks and what is more, we will develop the scenario in a way that it will gain interest of the viewers from the first seconds.

      DmE.Production offers a large variety of equipment and instruments that are necessary for working on a music clip. We can make both: a short and cost-effective video film and full-featured videofilm.

      For beginners we have got special offers and rules – we will be pleased to create a music video that will make you famous.

      Do not worry about optics, cameraman services and cameras – we will provide you with all necessary tools and equipment!

      You just have to cover expenses for electricity, extras and to find and pay for locations!

      We are waiting for you! Let’s create a masterpiece of music and cinematography together!

      Creating clips for contemporary artists is a way to express themselves. Groups and individual performers in Ukraine and abroad order hundreds and thousands of clips every month. Not all of them help the performer become famous. It’s all about a professional approach. To order a music video in DME Production is to guarantee yourself the ease of distribution on national, regional TV channels and popular Internet resources.

      What kind of video do we offer?

      Shooting a video is not a song requires a careful approach and professional acumen. Many artists, many video works, but not everyone captures from the first seconds. We know how to make such a video clip, the script is developed so that the viewer, seeing the first frames, can no longer come off.

      Not only professional skills work for this, because in the process a lot of equipment and devices are used. Due to the fact that we have many clients and an extensive base of props, convenient places and actors, the price of the video is quite acceptable.

      We especially love to work with novice artists, they even have special rates. We are ready to create a video that will make you famous, not only in Ukraine.

      The cost of a Dme.Production music clip

      The issue of price is of interest to both novice and experienced musicians. Everyone knows that the cost of the clip is not small. How much the result will affect:

      1. The number of locations for shooting their type.
      2. The need to attract actors, extras.
      3. Volume of additional inventory, decorations.
      4. Type of composition.
      5. Intended use – where exactly is the rotation planned.
      6. Deadlines.

      If you need an approximate calculation of the cost – think over all the items of expenses and contact us by e-mail or by phone. The manager will carry out the calculation. If everything suits you, you can immediately place an order and choose a convenient time.

      Benefits of cooperation with Dme.Production

      Before you shoot a video clip with us make sure that this will be the best decision in your career:

      1. We work with all artists – it doesn’t matter to us whether you are known in your city or your name is familiar to all residents of the country. This does not affect the quality of the result.
      2. Pleasant rates.
      3. Work is not only in our country, we order shooting in Moscow and other cities.
      4. You don’t have to worry about cameras – generate an idea and pay for the location, then it’s up to us.

      Hurry to order a survey from us soon and tomorrow they will know about you in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, other cities of Ukraine and outside our country.

      Are you a music performer and want to order an inexpensive but cool video clip?

      Dme.Production records high-quality music videos for a music band or a music performer.

      Do you have any ideas? Then we will embody them in five-star visuals. Do not have any ideas? Do not worry, we will develop and write the script according to your suggestions.

      You can promote our video clip using the following media resources:

      1. Video rotation on TV;
      2. On YouTube video hosting;
      3. On Facebook and VKontakte;
      4. On Instagram or on any other social network.

      Dme production offers a wide range of solutions in theme, budget and technology.

      Do not waste your time! Leave an application right now and we will record for you a quality product that will not leave the viewers indifferent.

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        ⚡ How much does it cost to create a video clip?

        The cost of creating a video depends on a dozen different data - the purpose of creating the video, the cost of man-hours, the timing of the video, the availability of actors or the level of location. We can create a video for both $ 200 and $ 10,000.

        🔑 Can you make turnkey commercial?

        We will make an excellent selling commercial for your task. It can be advertised on the Internet or on TV. The cost of the commercial starts from $ 300 for simple tasks on the Internet, and from $ 3000 for complex tasks on TV.

        🚀 What are your strengths?

        Dme Studio is in the TOP 3 Ukrainian advertising companies on Google, which means that we can make a high-quality advertising company video clip that our studio will develop. With a guaranteed result under the contract.

        📹 What kind of video content can you make?

        Dme.Production Studio produces video content of any level of complexity and for any specific purpose - commercials, video presentations, 2D and 3D video, shooting, editing, dubbing and post production.

        🥇 What is the price of an animated movie?

        The production cost of a 2d animated movie starts at $ 200, the cost of creating a 3d animated movie starts at $ 400. We can make an excellent video for your budget, just leave a request on the site.

        🕜 What is the average video creation time?

        If this is not a complicated minute animation, production can take up to 5 days. And if it is an art commercial, then the total time for production can take several months.

        ✅ What do you need to know the price?

        To receive a free calculation, you must leave a request on the website or contact us by phone or via email. We will offer you several options for implementing your project and fully advise.

        💻 I need a video and its advertising, can you help?

        Dme.Production Studio has its own Internet marketing department, studio is in the TOP 3 of the best Ukrainian advertising companies in Google. Yes, we can qualitatively help with advertising video on the Internet.

        💰 What are options and payment procedure?

        To get started, you need to pay 50% of the payment. The second part is paid upon the availability of video content. You can pay to a bank account, to a Visa / Mastercard, as well as any electronic money.

        📄 Are there the contract and other guarantees?

        Yes, to start work, you must sign an agreement. All obligations of the parties are registered there and penalties for not delivering the project on time are indicated. The contract can be obtained from the manager - just call us.

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